Daily Grind, Book XVIII, Pages 179 & 180

Book XVIII is The Raveled Sleeve of Care and Chapter 3, the 105th storyline overall, is "Leech."

The Daily Grind Table of Contents

     Things sure haven't been easy for Ann since she first appeared in the comic near the beginning of our 75th storyline, "Contraindicated." She got possessed by the ghost of an ancient sorceress, then fell in with Ariadne and Ochre at the beginning of their crime spree, then tried to kidnap Howlett, and now has to try to figure out what to do when everything she was working for the whole time has just gotten blown up. Apparently, it's tough being a webcomic character.

     Still, this ends chapter three of Book XVIII, The Raveled Sleeve of Care. Monday, then, we'll start chapter four. What an unforeseen turn of events!


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