I Didn't Mean To!

So there I was:

     Leafing through my Facebook settings to remove the random advertisements for real estate firms in Arizona and automobile dealerships in Florida that Facebook always so helpfully attaches to my feed. It's astonishing the things Facebook decides I outta be interested in.

     Making my life more surreal seems to be quite the profitable business model, so I go through all my settings every couple of weeks to see what odd little thing Facebook has slipped in there now. A month or so ago, for instance, I found a box labeled "T-Shirt Design", a topic about which I'm fairly certain I've ever had a complete thought in all my life.

     And today, under the "Fitness and wellness" tab of the "Your interests" section was a single box labeled "Human Eye."

     Now, yes, I've always been generally interested in the human eye—I mean, many of my best friends have them. But I really, really, really didn't want to see the sorts of things that might start popping up in my feed if I kept that box there. I'm already living on a pretty slippery slope, and adding vitreous humor to the mix? No, thank you. So I clicked the little "X" up in the corner of the box.

     "You removed Human eye," the box now said, and I just felt the need to post a public apology. It wasn't my intention to remove anyone's human eye, so if it was yours, again, I apologize.

                              That Ever-So-Destructive Mike Guy


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